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Over the past year or so we have written a number of book chapters and papers on the rise of Neogeography, especially with regards our Web 2.0 centric tools produced at CASA. See The Renaissance of Geographic Information: Neogeography, Gaming and Second Life: Working Paper 142 for example in which we discuss the rise of the Neogeographer.

However, in a discussion this morning over coffee we realised that perhaps the whole Neogeography term is misplaced and we should in fact be referring to Neogeomatics.

According to Wikipedia: Geomatics is the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivery of geographic information, or spatially referenced information. Thus Neogeomatics is the emerging trend of crowd sourced data, data gathering and delivery via Web 2.0 tools.

Where does this leave Neogeography, we don’t know but at the best of times its an emotive subject, we will be discussing it at our session at this years AAG for anyone interested…

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