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Suburbia is a surreal experience when your usually based in the city 24/7. The panorama below highlights the quiet estates which are typical of 80’s newbuild in the United Kingdom.

Click ‘Load’ in the above image and click and drag your mouse to look around 360 x 180 degrees, once loaded you can click ‘Open’ to view full screen.

The image was captured using a 30 foot pole, we should have more on the technique on the blog later next week….

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  • Anonymous says:

    The textures on the houses almost need deinterlacing! I find this so real but also very virtual from its faux lens flare and some of the houses even seem to be hdr?

    great post! thank you again!!

  • Smithee says:

    The shot was taken using raw and the images processed via photomatrix to try and get around the large lighting variations of shooting on a winters day with low sun in the sky.

    This does give the image a hdr type feel and i agree linked to the lens flare it does pick up a vr type feel, especially with the 30 foot up viewpoint.

  • great panorama! thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    very interesting!
    Photography wise, was this a full panoramic timelapse or very wide angle lens you used?
    Or did you use a chrome ball?
    Ive been thinking of trying something like this on a future project.

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