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Google Earth 5.0 includes a view of the ocean bed and as such it allows global access to data that before its release was only available to specialist communities. As such it allows anyone in the world to look at put forward their own analysis which in turn opens up possible new discoveries – such as the possible finding of ‘Altantis‘ in an area area known as the Madeira Abyssal Plane.

Discovered by spotted by aeronautical engineer Bernie Bamford as he browsed through Google Ocean the layout certainly appears man made and does open up questions of a lost city on the seabed.

The feature is quite notiable in Google Earth – you can zoom in direct with our file Atlantis.kml (right click to ‘save as’ and then open in Google Earth).

You can read full details in The Sun – we like the way they have manged to include a picture of Patrick Duffy with the story…


As commented by M@ the Daily Mail are now running the view that ‘the photo, taken using Google’s latest gadget, Google Ocean, is nothing more than thin bands of sonar data collected by boats mapping the ocean floor’ – the see The Daily Mail for full info.

We still like to think its a lost city found by the power of the crowd…. 🙂


  • M@ says:

    That is awesome – in the original gravity of the word. ‘The size of Wales’? Wouldn’t that be bigger than any modern city? Do we have coordinates for the feature? I remain skeptical, but this is certainly impressive if true.

  • M@ says:

    Woo, found it: 31 15’15.53N 24 15’30.53W

    Could it be something imprinted by Google as a joke, or to attract PR, or like A-Z add fake streets to spot copyright breach?

  • Panda_Bear says:

    the Mail didn’t spoil the party, just repeating what Google told them. Google is bluffing, they have no clue what the hell it is. Go look around other parts of the ocean floor. There are no other “grids” or anything resembling that very odd shape anywhere else. My guess, it’s real.

  • Seung-hee says:

    Please download this file and open with Google Earth 5. You will be able to see the ‘ship track’ right on the area that people think is Atlantis! This Atlantis is an artifact.

    Hello guys, my name is Seung-Hee Kim. I’m one of those people who made this bathymetry at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). You will see the credit on Google Earth 5. Well, I analyzed every single ship track that was used to map the whole ocean. The seafloor that people are saying is Atlantis is from the old version of the bathymetry which contains this ship track that wasn’t edited before. Google used V4.0. If you go to, you will see the new version of the bathymetry that we created last year. In this new version, V5.0, you won’t see the ‘Atlatis’ anymore. In V4.0, we thought that the track wasn’t bad enough for the round of editing. Yet, as we improved the resolution of the bathymetry, we confirmed that this ship track was bad and edited it.

    This is my email address. Please ask me a question about this ship track if you have any. I might be able to provide you people with the ship name and the date which this sonar data were gathered.

    Thank you for reading,

  • Anonymous says:

    Just two things to add to the fun.
    Presuming the survey ship was using SatNav or GPS; why is the grid so erratic? In an area that large, the vessel’s towed array was swinging miles off course.
    And why do the sonar ‘lines’ generally track around the hills (or valleys) without crossing over them?


  • Anonymous says:

    To :Seung-Hee Kim: Mikes remarks are reasonable.

    How can you judge that the ship tracks are bad and worse than the predicted bathymetry? From thousands of examples I can prove thru comparison with GPS positioned multibeam surveys that the predicted bathymetry is wrong!!!
    It is a pity that such product is on Google!

  • Anonymous says:

    Atlantis is discovered long ago!

    Global catastrophic plate tectonics 12,500± years’ ego could change isostatic balance between main platforms and slabs. East coastal zone of Northern America and west costal zone of Africa have been sunken. Ten island of Atlantis: Huge Poseidia, two small islands (Pluto, Ammon [mu]) and seven smaller Persephone’s islands had been sunken into the ocean.

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