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Navigating the city on foot can be tricky, sure an iPhone may help but who wants to walk around with a shiny new phone in your hand just waiting to be stolen? How about a pair of shoes with GPS built in, complete with step by step guidance. The left shoe holds all the gadgetry: under the tongue you will find the control unit. Just enter your starting and destination postcodes and you’re off.

There are two ways Sat Nav Shoes give you directions. An LED DNav Bubble on the front acts as a visual guide and you’ll hear a beep when you are heading in the wrong direction. The heel of the shoe is equipped with waterproof speakers or for those with wireless headsets, bluetooth.

It doesn’t look like the shoes will track your trip (that would be a feature that would be like to see) but we still think its a great idea.

You can buy them now via for £129 – there is no word on availability beyond the UK at the moment.


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