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The MikroKopter was developed by German pioneers Holger Buss and Ingo Busker which according to Next Gen RC -the UK suppliers- is fun and educational to build, has outstanding flying performance and will very likely to be the most stable VTOL aircraft you have ever flown! To be honest we don’t know a lot about VTOL (vertical take off and landing) aircraft but with the addition of HD video, GPS navigation and the ability to hover make it the perfect tool for aerial panoramas and remote surveying.

The video below provides an insight into the unit:

First outside flight MK8 from wep800 on Vimeo.

Captured by wep800, the next movie shows his first attempts are using the Mikrokopter to capture an aerial panorama:

First HD video and panorama test from wep800 on Vimeo.

It is well worth checking out wep800’s channel on Vimeo for more movies, the possibilities for remote surveys, mapping, 3d modelling and image capture are really quite exciting…

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