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Procedural with their impressive cityengine is certainly a company to watch, we have had a chance to use their demo and the ability to import GIS layers, combined with the rapid creation of cities is certainly impressive. As such their work on New York City 2259 is well worth a look.

NYC 2259 by is the extrapolation of New York city 250 years into the future, inspired by the great 1998 motion picture The Fifth Element.

Today’s street network of NY, imported from, has been extended to a bigger area, available due to the lower water levels in the future.
The example includes grammar rules to create futuristic skyscrapers in two levels of detail as well as flying cars – press play below:

Take a look at the NYC 2259 page for full details…


  • Anonymous says:

    love the swiss accent

  • Mikko says:

    “…available due to the lower water levels in the future.”
    I thought sea levels were rather on the rise… Impressive shots anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    swiss german cheese accent

  • E says:

    If NYC blgs look like that 250 yrs forward, did all architects die and engineers take over?

  • Anonymous says:

    250 years ago we lived in timber buildings (or brick if you could afford it), so it would be hard to imagine we would still build with conventional methods (and what appears to be concrete) in 250 years as shown in these images.

  • Anonymous says:

    how about the car traffic mentioned? It seems the flying cars are basically following the ground level road system in well defined stacks. It could be a solution. In the movie I seem to recall vertical trains too.

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