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We are about to hit the road for a few days and our USB modem seems to of gone walkies – in short that means the possibility of no Internet access (!) and thus a lack of blog posts.

Apologies for this, we don’t often have any ‘down time’ on digital urban, we will be back soon 🙂



  • Matias Reis says:

    When you come back.

    Check the Playup Sketchup Exporter.

    It let’s you export from sketchup to the Crysis engine and to the steam engine, if I am correct.
    Seems to work pretty well.

    best regards

  • Anonymous says:

    Instead of a USB modem, you could use an ethernet cable, wifi or 3G ?

    Even in Chernobyl, I was able to have [amazingly fast] Internet via 3G 🙂

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