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Fabian over at UrbanTick notes that most of us travel to work daily and most likely we travel in a mass of fellow travelers towards a destination most likely in a inner city location.

This collective daily migration also known as the rush hour is part of the city beat and pumps trough the city’s veins of streets like a liquid. The public transport plays a major role in this choreographed routine. Here in London its the tube and the big red buses that take the lot.

The daily trip on a London bus as seen from the back, in a timelapse animation by urbanTick for the urbanDiary project. Shot with an iPhone using TimeLapse, processed via Quick Time:

tlBusDailyRoute_090512 from urbanTick on Vimeo.

Music “If You Are the One to Take Me Home” by ::thinkstandard:: at

UrbanTick is a blog that comes out of the CASA fold, take a look at his latest post on the mental maps of daily commuting.

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