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Over at the GENeSIS blog Richard Milton of CASA has put up a sneak preview detailing some of the functionality of the latest GMapCreator. Traditionally clickable maps have been built using a server and database to translate the click on the client into a geographic area using point in polygon and then sending the query data back to the client. This method doesn’t scale when you have limited server resources and are looking to handle high numbers of hits, for example with the Mood Maps that we’ve been doing recently. An alternative solution is to build feature coded tiles and let the client handle most of the work displaying the data.

In short, its clickable Google Maps at a large scale without any slow down compared to other solutions, take a look at the GENeSIS blog for more info…

This build will be integrated into our MapTube site as soon as ready for wider use. As a side note MapTube is now includes the option to view your data on top of OpenStreet Map layers.

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