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Procedural have released a new version of their CityEngine – ‘CityEngine 2009’. The updated version provides new innovative tools for urban design and modeling on a citywide scale with he aim of working with complex 3D urban environments easier than ever before.

Key highlights of the CityEngine 2009 include:

#1: Interactive Editing (immediate mode, undo/redo, etc.)
#2: Improved 3D Export (Collada with instancing, 3ds Max, etc.)
#3: Support for Geospatial Data (import/export of GIS data)
#4: Improved Street Geometries (with round curbs, junction handling, etc.)
#5: Occlusion in CGA Shape Grammar (to query the spatial context)
#6: Reporting Functionality (Excel tables for master plans)
#7: Python Interface (to speed up and streamline repetitive tasks)
#8: Floating License (enables flexible network licensing installations)

Of particular note is the ability to import .shp files opening up the possibility to import MasterMap data into The City Engine and the report output for urban planning, the video below provides details on this feature:

There is also a free 30 day trial which is well worth a go..

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