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We have been working on the new exhibition space for the city and agent based modelling work here at CASA for around 4 days. Our development path has changed in favour of SketchUp with LightUp plugin for the rooms layout and 3D Max for the agent based models. The movie below shows progress so far running in Unity:

You can view the previous example, built as a proof of concept for Windows and Mac from here.


  • This is looking great! Are those ABMs just imported and running – or do thy run within Unity itself?

    Is it possible for the ‘player’ to interact with them – or is it just ilke watching a 3D movie of the ABM?

  • Smithee says:

    The ABM are imported as animations via Max so its just like watching a 3d movie…

    Which is a shame as it would be nice to run them direct within Unity and therefore tweak them, its on the list to do 🙂


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