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The Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies (Institut d’Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona) is an entity that merges academic and public administration interests in matters relating to the analysis of economy, society and territory of urban, metropolitan and regional environments in Catalonia.

Their ‘Papers’ collection (ISSN 1888-3621) has the aim of making the debate revolving around the problems and options of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region, which is at a decisive point of its development, reach a wide range of people and institutions that are interested in the future of this region. The content of ‘Papers’ encompasses a wide range of subjects, from expert’s opinions and summaries of relevant investigations, all the way to texts and collections of data from diverse origin that are considered to be of reference value.

Of note is the latest edition online entitled Time and Territory: Time Policies of the Cities, the full edition can be download in both Catalan and English – note the English version is the final .pdf on the page containing a translation of all the papers.

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