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The porting of Augmented Reality to mobile devices has notable implications for data distribution and navigation in the city. Georg Klein, a post-doctoral research assistant in the Active Vision Group of the Oxford University Engineering Department, has posted his results developing 3D Augmented Reality (AR) on the iPhone. The clip details an adaptation of the parallel tracking and mapping system to an iPhone:

Georg notes that it still needs a lot of work – the camera’s narrow field-of-view is problematic – but they can already make and track small maps. Of note is the use of the iPhone 3G rather than the 3GS with the built in compass see for full details and past projects.

Thanks go to Greg Downing for the link, anyone interested in panoramas and 3d modelling techniques should take a look at his work via

See also Augmented Reality for Android: GIS in the City and Location Based Augmented Reality for Android: Enkin

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