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UpNext 3D NYC is the first 3D city app we have seen on the iPhone. The application allows the user to explore Manhattan via a 3D map with the normal subway/search functions.

The demo below provides a walkthough:

In days gone by this would of been called ‘mobile 3D GIS’, nowadays mapping apps are ubiquitous with the inclusion of 3D fast becoming the selling point. Is the 3D map anything more than a gimmick? The same question has been asked for years about 3D GIS in general, for the record we think its great..

iTunes Link:

UpNext 3D NYC:


  • Anonymous says:

    Paris 3D is also available on iPhone.
    This is brand new.

    Do a search on youtube with “mobile3dcity” as keyword 😉

    Sophia Antipolis – France

  • Maitri says:

    Considering that the earth and structures on it are inherently 3D entities, viewing it in 2D is a thing of the past now that we have the technology to view it in 3D and 4D as it should, and quickly and cheaply.

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