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This is a quick post – just to mention that our animation of the London Underground is now on Vimeo. Next step, if we get time, is to animate it according to the year of construction:

Second Movie of the ‘Growing’ London Underground Network from digitalurban on Vimeo.

Music is by the Creeping Charlies.

The map is kindly mentioned in the Guardian Article by Charles ArthurGovernment site puts data visualisation on the map‘. The gallery linked in from the article is really interesting and well worth a look.

The previous movie with landmarks is below:

London Tube Map Geography:Visualisation Draft from digitalurban on Vimeo.

As a side note, us here at digital urban and the nice people at CASA are about to start drafting a MSc course on all things spatial and digitally urban, we will be asking for thoughts on content so watch out for a forthcoming post…

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