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The Babelgum Metropolis Art Prize now has over 450 individual entries from five continents. Launched in September 2009 the Babelgum Metropolis Art Prize sought videos, of no more than 5 minutes in length, representing the work of the best and edgiest artists working in any medium, from performance art, painting and photography to sculpture, installation and new media. Last week we featured ‘London’ by Luke Jackson, this week we embed ‘drift’, captured using a still camera it is supremely well done:

Artists are competing for three prizes worth a total of $30,000 and prize winners and runners-up will see their videos screened on New York’s famous Times Square monitors on the 17th December. The “Grand Prize” and the “Best Street Art Video Award” winners will be selected by an illustrious judging panel led by iconic art-house actress and video artist Isabella Rossellini and the online and mobile community will vote on the winner of the “Audience Award”.

Head over to to start viewing and voting – click on the thumbs up under a video to vote…


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