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At the moment we are sitting writing a curriculum and course structure for our proposed Masters. The aim is to run the course from next September at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, home of digital urban.

Which brings us to our question – would you be interested in a course based around the blog and the work carried out at CASA?

At the moment, to gauge reaction, we just need a simple answer, yes or no – the poll is in the sidebar and your answers will be gratefully received….


  • Rikk says:

    Your website actually was one of the main influence why I applied to UCL (and Birkbeck, where I am now) to do my Masters. I find the posts on gis visualisation on the web interesting. So yes. Maybe, if this were to happen, and when I have the time and money, I would sign up to it.

  • Anonymous says:

    yes, i would be really interested. Please make it accessible also to people who do not hold a BSc in Computer Science though (I am a physicist).

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