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PixelActive have released a new version of their CityScape software. We are a picky bunch here at digital urban but the demo of CityScape is impressive, especially the ability to import native GIS data, OpenStreetMap and export to AutoDesk. Combine this with Unity and you have a powerful city creation tool, complete with traffic.

Admittedly CityScape is priced for high-end users ($19,000) – but the free demo is a blast and a must download for anyone interested in building cities.

See for download and more details.


  • Joseph Young says:

    Hi Digital Urban,

    We are very proud of CityScape 1.8. There was significant interest for robust GIS functionality, larger environments, and increased file format compatibility. From the large crowds at I/ITSEC earlier this month in Orlando, Florida, we believe we hit the mark.

    We encourage anyone interested in building cities to take a look at our website and try out the CityScape demo. You can import GIS data with the sample data that’s included in the demo, and try out the different city building and interactive editing features that make CityScape truly unique.

    -The PixelActive Team

  • Anonymous says:

    I’M SOLD!

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