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3D tools for urban planners are too be honest few and far between. There is a strong need for simple integration between a GIS, 3D model database and a communication suite for architects to upload models direct for consideration within the master planning process. As such we are particularly intrigued by Clover Point’s Asset Tracking Anywhere 3D Master Planning Tool.

The movie below provides an overview:

The 3D module is tied directly a web GIS linked to real world coordinates, clicking on any object brings back the related meta data and presents it through the interface. The system also access inside buildings and indeed underground.

The engine is designed to accept most common types of 3D models, C4D, Sketchup, 3DSMax, Revit and many others. This allows users, such as Architects, to login via the web, given they have the appropriate rights, give a UTM or position off a monument and scale, and upload their models.

The models are then ‘dropped’ into the 3D world and the whole system is updated. Many of the other attributes in the model, such as the trees, are placed directly from GIS data, for example if trees are moved in the GIS the 3D model changes as well.

Use Case’s include:

· Competing Architects do not see each other’s work, due to the inherent security system, but the Planners can see everything. Planners can toggle off and on buildings and complete density studies and forward thinking community plans.

· Planners can use the model in community meeting and stakeholder presentations. It’s interactive with controls that are similar to a gaming engine, they are very easy and configurable.

· Engineers, Planners and Architects work together with spatially accurate data to plan future developments. Engineers, for example, can go underground to examine the subterranean infrastructure prior to the plans being placed.

In short, we like the sound of the system, we have not used it ourselves yet but if we manage to get hold of a copy we will post a review.

More information on the whole system see


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