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The N Building is a commercial structure located near Tachikawa station, Tokyo, Japan. Being a commercial building signs or billboards are typically attached to its facade which undermines the structures’ identity. As a solution teradadesign+Qosmo decided to use a QR Code as the facade itself. By reading the QR Code with a mobile device the user is taken to a site which includes up to date information. In this manner they envision a cityscape unhindered by ubiquitous signage and also an improvement to the quality and accuracy of the information itself:

N Building from Alexander Reeder on Vimeo.

On December 15th, 2009 the team held an opening which included the limited release of an iPhone application made specifically for N Building inline with their proposed vision of the future where the facade of the building disappears, showing those inside who want to be seen.

See Sonasphere for more info…

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