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A quick post as few years ago we wrote a tutorial on creating a ‘zoom’ movie from Google Earth, it involved all sort of issues with paths and local caches and reversing frames. Nowadays its simply a case of ‘right clicking’ in Google Earth and dragging the mouse:

Google Earth Zoom from digitalurban on Vimeo.

Google Earth fixes on the location (in our case the CASA offices) so you can drag back and forwards for a smooth zoom in/out. The movie was recorded using Snapz Pro on a Mac but any screen recording tool would do. Its nice to know that this is so much simpler now, although slightly worrying that i almost take a digital earth zooming out and back in at high resolution within 15 seconds for granted…

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  • Yee Mei says:

    That’s pretty cool. I imagined it would be more complex that that.
    I’m about to make an MGM production out of a tour of my suburbs!


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