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Photographer Salman Ashrafi notes that in today’s world, depending on what we do, we rarely find the time to just sit and observe everything that goes on around us. His movies, known as ‘Fotografic Memories’ represent Salmans’ work to make up for this loss of time and we really like his technique of combining frames with timelapse and music as the first example below of Toronto demonstrates:

Downtown Toronto from Fotografic Memory on Vimeo.

The technique and concept can be adapted to any situation – below is the ‘memory’ of a bus ride in London comprised of 738 photographs:

BUS RIDE from Fotografic Memory on Vimeo.

Finally, Building and Clouds – Dubai:

BUILDINGS + CLOUDS from Fotografic Memory on Vimeo.

For more memories and information see, it is well worth taking the time to explore the other work and clips on the site.

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