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A post of a slightly different flavour this morning (bare with us), as recently we have been churning out the words for various papers/reports and it got us thinking. Writing, as i think we all know, can be hard at times and the cold yet cluttered look of many word processing packages can make writing the latest scientific paper a laborious process. After all if you have a wide screen monitor and a browser with your word processor of choice side by side, it is only two clicks away from facebook, twitter, YouTube or any google search in the name of research. As such i thought i would write a quick post about OmmWriter, a new kind of word processor that somehow takes away the distractions, presenting a full screen experience without any icons or clutter in sight. In fact the only thing i can see at the moment, as i type, is a winter scene and a tree lost in mist at the bottom right of the screen – such is the interface.

While your typing OmmWriter also plays gentle calming music, its all very new age and to be honest something we would normally run a mile from. Its certainly a long way from the ethos that is all things digital and urban.

Yet, there is something strangely compelling about the whole experience, sure it cant help with the content but for anyone wishing to find a new way to write i heartily recommend taking a look at OmmWriter. It is available free of charge, currently only for the Mac but a windows version seems to be in the works. If they could just put an image of the city in the distance…

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