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New Scientist have a good write up this week on our new project – TalesofThings its also been picked up by Bruce Stirling over at Beyond Beyond on Wired and to be honest we are blown away.

News in, the iPhone app has been accepted so with a few more tweaks and plugging in of wires we will be ready to go beta end of the week.

We also have some neat gadget hacks including an iPhone/Android RFID reader on the cards which we plan to put onto MAKE or such like so you can build your own kit.

News as ever will be here on digital urban and via the TalesofThings Twitter Feed.

We will get back to the more general posts btw, soon as we get chance, and news on that MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation which we direct, next week.

Update – the MRes details are now online along with application and entry.

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