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Bentley’s 3D City GIS product portfolio is an integrated suite of products allowing the creation of smart 3D City models and the management of these models across the lifecycle. It also provides a rich set of tools to use the 3D City model in a variety of activities. GIS professionals, urban planners, designers, project managers, engineers, and citizens alike will benefit from going beyond traditional 2D GIS technology and using Bentley’s newest 3D City GIS products. 

They have produced the demo movie below, to be honest we expected something a little more exciting and the whole ‘flame/light effect’ on text feels a bit dated:

Maybe its just us, but it failed to grab our interest, and we like this sort of thing. Lets hope this is not the pitch they give to local authorities / municipalities, which is a shame as the whole 3D Intelligent City idea is finally reaching the market place.

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