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The iPad is an intriguing device in terms of visualisation with various apps catching our attention. The first of which to reach the blog is Magic Window –  a series of 10 timelapse movies wrapped up in an app.

With scenes ranging from landscapes through to cities it makes for a unique view when your have your iPad docked or just sitting around the office/house.

Magic Window for iPad Demo from josh michaels on Vimeo.

As big fans of timelaspe imagery here on du, the MagicWindow app comes highly recommended. With 10 scenes, the first two are pre-installed with the remaining 8 available for download at around 1Gb per scene. High resolution timelapses take space so the file size is not surprising and they do hold up in terms of quality.

You can download the app from both the US iTunes ($3.99) and  UK iTunes store (£2.39). The iPad store is not up and running yet outside of the USA, but if you run a simple search for Magic Window iPad in any of the localized stores it will come up.

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