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Do you want to know what peoples views are on the issue of the day, do you want to ask peoples views on a new product without restrictions on the number of responces, perhaps you are carrying out a straw poll or do you want to collect data to input into a scientific model? If the questions can be asked or surveyed, all you need is SurveyMapper.

The beta release of SurveyMapper, a free real-time geographic survey and polling tool from the nice people at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, is now live!

If you have used other ‘polling sites’ then you will be up to speed, except we have taken away the restrictions and added real-time mapping into the mix. Simply sign up (its free) and then your be able to create your own survey. Currently we have three levels of survey available – Worldwide, based on countries, European Countries and UK Postcode.

You can ask anything, survey the nation, the world or just your street. Once a survey closes you can download the data and use it for anything you wish or simply examine the map and the statistics. We will be rolling out to the United States shortly and after that the world allowing surveys and polls down to building level.

To take part head over to

Keep up with the SurveyMapper twitter feed for news on the beta release, new features such as blog embedding and integration with our now infamous Tweet-o-Meter and New Cityscapes via Twitter Maps.

You can of course also follow us direct on Twitter @digitalurban.

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