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John Potter of Escape Key Graphics has just completed a map for the 2010 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which takes place annually in of course Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Show Management; the company that puts on the boat show, wanted a friendlier, more illustrative map than the map they had used in previous years. John ran an ongoing screen capture as he has done with previous projects (find them on John’s “Design and Illustration Videos” page). The speed is doubled six times giving you the ability to see the work and the thought process behind it without being burdened by specifics of technique. The project was done primarily in Adobe Illustrator, it makes for a fantastic video:

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Map – Illustrator Time-Lapse from John Potter on Vimeo.

John notes that the rendering was based on CAD drawings provided by Jeremy Thayer over at Show Management and the project simply could not have been done in such a short time frame, or with as high a degree of accuracy without those drawings as a foundation. If only everyone worked this way, the final result is excellent.


  • ..surely..this would have been better done in SketchUp ? It seems so much of the process (creating isometric volumes, creating textured surfaces) could have been achieved, with the luxury tweeking the final view – in a basic, cartoon type 3d package. Nice idea to capture it on video (even if it does feel a bit frustrating seeing the poor guy jump through so many hoops to get a result).

  • Anonymous says:

    When you say ‘doubled six times’, so you mean 6 times original speed, or doubled, then doubled again etc, meaning 64 times original speed? Just trying to get an idea of how long that took…

  • John Potter says:


    I used Windows Movie Maker as an editor.
    It has a “Speed Up, Double” option. I selected it six times at most. Whether that feature increases the speed exponentially or what, I don’t know.

    I’ve Googled around some trying to find out the same thing, because I am also curious, but I have not found an answer from an authority I fully trust yet.

    Sorry not to have a more definitive answer for you.

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