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Last weekend the office here at CASA was taken over by the RepRap 3D printer build. The PayItForward team – a group of altruistic people who have RepRap machines, printing parts and gifting them to people who want to make a RepRap machine with the requirement that once the 3D printer is running, they print off a set and pass them on in the same fashion – came in and 24 hours later we had a 3D Printer. Below is a timelapse of the event:

The whole process was documented, it was fascinating to see it coming together:

Three hours in and things were taking shape:

5am in the office and team were still going strong (well most of them):

A huge note of thanks to the build team, Dave Flanders (his site is where a lot of this post is blatantly lifted from), Steven Gray from CASA who did the timelapse and worked over 24 hours on the build without sleep, Ben o-Steen and Graham Klyne. What was our role? merely to provide pizza and beer….

The 3D printer is a thing of beauty, the next 24 hour build party is to be announced soon, watch the PIF3D announcement page and if you’d like to host your own print party sign up on the PIF3D wiki.


  • This team is so amazing, build in 24 Hours must well prepare and have a good plan to build it. What is the material source they use for printing in 3D.

  • Anonymous says:

    how much did it cost to build?

  • Anonymous says:

    approx £400

  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome………were do i find it?
    or were will i get the parts…..
    how much will the parts cost me?

  • Anonymous says:

    You can find build instructions at

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m quite thick, do you think I could build one?

  • Anonymous says:

    If your thick then………NO!

  • Mike says:

    I think that the new 3d printer technology is totally fascinating. I have seen faces printed and other body parts. Now with the software to take simple photos and put them into 3d rendering, what is stopping anyone from just going to a store and seeing figurines or water fountains or whatever, taking pictures of them and going home to make a 3d duplicate of what they wanted in the store? You can dupe anything anyone else hand sculps or creates on your own. Heck even print your own furniture just by going to the store and taking pictures of what you want. Well maybe the cushions might be a little hard but you can always get some somewhere.

  • TUFIC NEME says:

    I’m a 14 year old kid that is interested in building this. I have already seen millions of videos, seeing the RepRap site and got interested on the Prusa Mendel printer. I just wanted to know, do you need VERY good knowledge on the programming, mechanics and electrical fields for this? Thank you

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