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The Virtual Library of Birmingham, built by Daden Limited, has opened its doors to the public allowing access two years before the real life building is ready for occupancy. The virtual model allows visitors to explore and learn more about the public spaces within the new library as well as leave their comments.

Birmingham City Council contracted Daden to deliver an interactive virtual model of the new library in Second Life. The purpose of the REIP (Regional Efficiency and Improvement Partnerships) funded projects was to support community engagement, and to inform the internal fit-out:

Daden used the architect’s images, plans and drawing to build the Virtual Library of Birmingham in situ on Centenary Square in Second Life. Working with the Library of Birmingham team, Daden also created a warehouse of furniture and objects. They trained the Library of Birmingham team in the skills necessary to make changes and to also furnish the Virtual Library, as and when more detail was known regarding the internal spaces.

We have always been fans of Second Life, despite its sometimes muted reception at research grant meetings, although we cant help but think that perhaps the whole virtual world scene needs a revamp. That said, the use of rating systems for place and space in the model is a really nice innovation by Daden.


  • Anonymous says:

    Please stop spending tax money on this crap

  • Brenda Henderson says:

    In fact, it isn’t much money, comparitively, and isn’t wasted. It’s far better being able to examine buildings and ‘walk through’ before a vast amount of money is spent on them. It’s a lot easier to adjust things virtually than when they are built in bricks and mortar!

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