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A short yet somehow eye opening clip that should make anyone living in London wondering why this is not already part of our infrastructure:

Created by Hixon Design, a company providing green solutions for awkward spaces, we can see a few practical issues but overall it would make many London streets slightly nicer, and that can only be a good thing…


  • Very interesting idea, but I do wish they’d spent a bit more time on the graphics. They are not very evocative, particularly the night shots, which look pretty muddy.

  • Grant says:

    The video was a sketch design idea, hashed together very quickly, more about the idea than the actual video. So the graphics are a bit basic, but that what sketch idea is about.

    Further down the line a more serious presentation would obviously be made. Only a concept, not really trying to anything more than that!

    Cheers and thanks for your comments


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