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Augmented reality (AR) applications have the potential to change the city experience by overlaying the digital information on the physical environment. Yujin Yin a student on the MA Digital Media at Gildsmiths Univversity of London asks, what is the ‘identity’ they deliver for objects and spaces within the city? Does the augmentation of the city truly enhance our experience of urban life? These questions are explored via an augmented reality travel book:

AR Planet, Seoul from yunnew on Vimeo.

The travel guidebook, aims at achieving possibilities of augmenting the urban space with a very personal point of view (perception) and memories (narratives). Yujin notes that this approach might tackle the institutionalised and commercialized AR technologies that dominate the current market.

Author: Yujin Yun
Technical Coordinator: Moon Jung Hyun
3D Designer: Sam Oh

MA Digital Media, Goldsmiths University of London

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