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The Sky Scratcher is a kickstarter project which at the time of writing has 38 hours to go – in short there is still time to back it.

If we had a cat here at digitalurban it would without doubt be the Sky Scratcher – a revolutionary, architectural spin on the cat scratching post.  Built from more than 125 corrugated cardboard die-cut pads, a bamboo plywood base and center pole, the goal is to use Eco-friendly materials that are both safe for your cats and aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. 

Set up my Mike Estes, his love for all things creative drove him to reinvent the cat scratching post with The Sky Scratcher. Mike states that not only will your feline friends enjoy scratching to their hearts content, you will also enjoy a high quality piece of art that will add a stylish accent to any room in your home or office…

We would love to see this enter production, head over to the Sky Scratcher page on KickStater to give them your backing…

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