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We are pleased to announce the latest Future Internet Paper entitled The U-City Paradigm: Opportunities and Risks for E-Democracy in Collaborative Planning by Francesco Rotondo from the Department of Architecture and Town Planning, Bari Polytechnic.


Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) tools appear to enhance the possibilities offered by a collaborative approach to planning. The present paper analyzes both the results of experiences of the author and of those available in the literature, highlighting possible advantages and disadvantages. After a brief introduction to the meaning of e-democracy, the second part focuses on the role of ICT in collaborative planning, proceeding in the third part to an illustration of an initial panorama of knowledge gathered using ICT in such processes, while discussing criticisms and opportunities. The fourth part discusses the U-city paradigm as a driver of change in urban planning participation processes. Research perspectives are then outlined in the final part.

View the full paper over at Future Internet… (edit – now with the correct link).


  • Anonymous says:

    Hm, your link and labels point to the paper of Marcus Goetz, titled “Using Crowdsourced Indoor Geodata for the Creation of a Three-Dimensional Indoor Routing Web Application” – which is in fact the latest one – but your text does not – so which of the two papers did you intend to post?

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