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The Go Pro HD Hero is one of the best timelapse cameras out there for 24 hour imagery, its wide angle lens, the ability to power via USB and mount on an outside facing glass window via its suction cup makes it easy to set up and leave.
The camera copes well with changes in light, the movie below was captured using the default settings with the images processed in QuickTime (version 7). The main restriction is memory card size, we have used the Go Pro to capture a view across London over 12 hours, with one photograph every 5 seconds it amounts to almost 16gb of imagery:

Music by Lemonade Joe over at Unsigned Bands.
In similar manner for the timelapse below we mounted our Go Pro HD Hero on an outside window and pointed it towards the sky. The movie consists of 10,863 images captured one every 5 seconds:
Music: Brent Freeman Blair, I Must Fly, over on MP3 Unsigned.
With the increasing availability of timelapse apps on Android and iOS it is possible to capture and automatically output a timelapse in HD quality, the only problem is mounting and waterproofing, making the HD Go Pro Hero still the best choice for urban timelapse movies.


  • Thanks for this post! I have a Go-Pro but haven’t explored that much its potential. these are tow very inspiring videos to go outside and experiment with the urban landscape!

  • Stuart Eve says:

    I recently used a Go Pro Hero 2 for documenting some phenomenological experiments in on an open landscape in Cornwall. I had it attached via a head strap and it performed excellently. Even with the waterproof housing on and in the pouring rain it picked up my voice quite well and the quality of the output (full HD video) is excellent. The battery life is a bit of a problem if you are using it in the field (I was getting about 2.5 hours probably) but it charged up nicely with a PowerGorilla solar panel (once the sun came out).
    I also found it helpful that you can set it to record a narrow FOV, which means slightly less distortion, this is important for my project because the head-cam was effectively recording what I was seeing.

  • Very nice timelapse video. I’m going to buy the HD Pro2, but still wonder how long the battery lasts for operation. Didi you have to change the battery while the process was going on? Can we make a 12 hour continuous timelapse capture with a fully charged battery?
    Thanks vey much for your concern,
    HC Thanh

  • Jennifer Hartzog says:

    To keep the GoPro powered throughout the whole time, did you leave it plugged into a computer or something via USB?

  • Andy says:

    It was powered via USB – i drilled a hole in the case and linked in a usb – this allowed me to power it for the duration of the timelapse. Its quite easy to do…

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