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Below is a tiltshift timelapse of a junction in Pittsburgh, running at over 9 minutes at 30 frames per second with one photograph captured every second it was produced using the IPad 3 and Miniatures:

Miniatures adds a tiltshift effect to each frame, making creating HD timelapses amazingly easy to capture, we simply set the iPad up against a window and left it running while we went back to our conference here at Ubicomp2012.
Minatures Pro is 4.99 via the Apple Store, with a variety of options, including a neat blur feature between frames, its well worth a look.

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  • Chris McGlone says:

    Just a note about the intersection: that’s Grant Street running left-right in the video, while the road entering the top is a dedicated busway that was built on abandoned railiroad right-of-way. Good urban planning.

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