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AR-Media is one of the quickest ways to get started in Augmented Reality. The system is free for non commercial use and offers plugins for 3D Max, SketchUp and others with players running on iOS/Android and desktop devices via a webcam. The plugin used to be £100 + but the move to enhanced functionality and free for non commercial use makes it the first place to explore AR.

AR Virtual Projector on iOS

AR Virtual Projector on iOS

The plugin not only allows us of 3D models and animations but also movies and audio – the clip below demonstrates two example models we have built using AR Media, visualised using the AR Media player on iOS with models uploaded via DropBox:
Mixing AR Tags with 3D Max, CityEngine and Lumion opens up a lot of possibilites for rapid visualisation – head over to AR Media to download the various plugins required.

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