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We have had a few request to use our images as wallpaper so here is the first of a possible series of unique views of the urban environment resized to 1024×768 and 1280×854.

We know there are any number of monitor sizes nowadays so if you see a image you like in our ‘Gallery‘ just drop us a mail with your resolution and image choice and we will put it online.

You can view the above image in 1024×768 here, simply right click to set as your background.

As requested in the comment box the image is now also available at 1280×854


  • Anonymous says:

    Oooooh, nice one. Would 1280×854 be possible? Wide-screen format for my old TiBook…

  • Anonymous says:

    Cool, thank you for the alternate size — it’s gone into my desktop rotation!

    Just out of interest, what gear are you using to capture these panoramas? I’m assuming digital, but the camera must be pretty good since the detail is fantastic.

    You *might* like to consider tweaking the white-balance for night shots — I still shoot slide film so I can’t provide exact details, but it should be possible to get the digital equivalent of a tungsten balance. This would take care of the slightly yellowish cast (which, if memory serves, comes from sodium lighting) and give you cool blues and whites.

    They’re no great shots, but you can see the difference here:



  • Anonymous says:

    These look like renders to me, or someone has been a busy bee inside photoshop.

    Look at the curb. Last time I checked real life did not have bump mapping. Which is a shame 🙂

  • Andy says:


    Thanks for the commnet – its a raw non photoshopped image. I captured it with a Nikon D70 and 10.5mm lens.

    So nope not a render..

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