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Clouds over cities are interesting – no really they are – when viewed over a period of time it gives a new dimension to the skyline. We have finally got our Time Lapse Camera working and this is the first test in hopefully a regular series of London’s Cloudscape Time Lapse movies. If we find our ladder the movies will feature the whole of London skyline, at the moment it covers the area from Centre Point and the BT Tower towards Victoria.

The flashing light at the bottom left hand corner is the BT Tower…

A higher resolution (640×480) version of the movie can be found here – London’s Clouds Time Lapse (1)(54Mb).

Any thoughts of comments as ever are welcome.


  • Keith says:

    Time lapse movies are awesome, and I have loved them ever since seeing Koyaanisqatsi. Thanks for sharing.

    I’d be interested to hear about what equipment you use, both for timelapse and your panorama photography?

  • Smithee says:


    Thanks for the comments, the timelapse is a simple weather proof bullet type cctv camera (approx £40)plugged into a capture card and using Time Lapse software. The panoramas are captured using a Nikon D70 and a 10.5mm lens 🙂

    I dont have precise model numbers on the cctv camera but if your interested post again and I’ll dig them out…


  • Anonymous says:

    I do love timelapse photography… one of these days I might borrow a nice video camera from somewhere and try shooting night traffic with long exposure times for each frame (but not much gap between frames). I imagine it could produce an interesting effect…


  • Keith says:

    Ah, cunning use of a CCTV camera. I was thinking that day looked a bit rainy to risk leave something more expensive out.

    I assume with the Nikon you have some kind of tripod which is designed for panorama use? Anyway, no worries. Keep on posting, it’s great hearing what you guys are up to. Far more interesting than what I studied at UCL anyway!

  • Mike says:

    Is this CCTV camera the one you also used for video surveillance?

  • Andy says:

    It’s actually set up
    Publish Your Comment using a simple 9.99 webcam..

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