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Following on from our post on Photomodelling in Sketchup pictured above is the model in Google Earth (Beta 4). The model is exported ‘as is’ to examine how Google Earth copes with high resolution textures with Open GL enabled (it crashes in DirectX).

If you have a high powered machine you can download the model from here (10.6Mb). Note the model is for test purposes only and does not portray the final product. At the moment we are using it to produce a work flow for rapid modelling and easy interchange of files formats between various graphics engines.

Any comments are as ever welcome…


  • Frank Taylor says:

    Hey Andy, the model looks really nice. I like the addition of the little benches. The textures seem too high resolution for efficient use – hence the need for high powered machines (like my Alienware :-)). But, you probably already know that. Did you use the “placemark” method of putting multiple copies of the bench? See this for reference.

  • babybob says:

    Looks great, Id really love to see a rough tutorial about what processes you go through to create these.


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