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As part of the Virtual London project at CASA we are modelling part of Newham. Developing the area section by section using a combination of LiDAR/aerial and ground based imagery the latest model to be completed is St John’s Church.

St John’s was designed by Edward Blore, one of the leading architects of his day, in the Early English style with a tall, ornate south western spire. Interesting architectural features are, externally, the lancets (like stone bridges) and internally the moulded piers (grooves in the pillars) and depressed arches (the tops of the arches are flatter than usual).

Modelling St John’s has become a slight labour of love in CASA with the aim to produce a rapid modelling technique giving way to frequent visits and concentration on reproducing the ornate windows and architecture.

The movie above displays the model in Google Earth (music:Requiem, Mozart performed by Le CHOEUR DES MARAIS). In the coming weeks the church will be imported into the Oblivion Engine and merged with the developing model of the area, you can view progress to date here. The raw model (24Mb) will be available for download in kmz format early next week.

Thanks goes to Chris Parker for his work on the model.


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