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Using the forthcoming panorama viewer for Google Earth it is possible to embed 360×180 degree panoramas inside of buildings and thus fly inside to look around. The movie illustrates this concept with the Tate Modern, London – we first fly around the 3D model and then ‘step inside’ to view the Andy Warhol exhibition.

The viewer is almost ready to roll, we just need to find some time to write the tutorial and then upload the file to edit on our server…


  • Anonymous says:

    Goodness… What an exciting advancement. What will features like this be like, say, a year from now? I can’t wait.

  • Moshe says:

    Any estimate on a release date yet? cant wait.
    Thanks for the exciting developments.

  • Andy says:

    Its been out for a few weeks 🙂 Have a look at the pop posts at the top right hand side of the blog..


  • Moshe says:

    I know the pano viewer is out. Iv’e used it and must say that its fantastic. I thought however that you were going to post a tutorial explaining exactly how to place the bubble inside (not above) a building.
    I also note that the resulting VR is darker than the original file. I would therefore suggest brightening it up a bit before creating the bubble.

  • Anonymous says:

    Just a thought: mpeg4-3D animated 3D panoramas could follow… In real time !!!

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