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A new look for digital urban.. minimilistic or ‘we liked the old look’? Let us know…



  • Carl Ahearne says:

    Hi Andy,

    Personally, I preferred the old look; it was easier to read, and the distinction between different elements was more clear..

    Anyway, still a big fan of the site; I am in the 3D modelling industry so it’s good to keep up with current and future technology..

    Carl Ahearne

  • Andy says:

    A vote for the old version then..
    Luckly i saved the old template so its easy to put back.. 🙂

    Anymore views?

  • Anonymous says:

    The old version was much easier to read. This one looks quite untidy.
    I was still waiting for it to load up for ages.

    Great site though. I pop through each day.

  • Anonymous says:

    Liked the old version. Right now when I am looking at your page from firefox the links are neither underlined nor a different color from the rest of the text. I can only tell that text is a link if I mouseover it.

  • Andy says:

    I’ve changed the link colour.. its not looking good for the new layout is it!

  • It’s half way there.

    I prefer the cleaner look – but it needs a little more structure to the postings to split them up – maybe a thin border around them.

    Ironically, this postings page is a lot easier to read 😉

  • Joe says:

    I really liked the old look, the new one is a bit ‘Google’ and as Carl said, it isn’t as easy visually to pick out the articles from the ads.

    However, this is a good opportunity to thank you for a great site. I have no professional or technical interest in 3D, modelling, urban geography etc but wish I did after following the blog for the last couple of months!

  • Andy says:

    Thanks for the comments Joe, glad you like the site 🙂

    As for the design its not going down well is it.. I’ve removed the top adverts now as it was beginning to look far to ‘ad’ driven which its not, hopefully its about original content.

    I’ve also extended the logo to pull the design in slightly.

    The reason for the change was the old site was a classic blogger template and my site looked the same as many other blogs, i also wasn’t too keen on the green to be honest.

    Still.. any more comments are of course welcome…


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