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There has not been anytime so far to upload the panoramas of Japan or to bring news of the developments in 3D modelling. Suffice to say its been hectic but we will post up news and images as soon as we can.

A big thank you to the blog readers who have come to the talks so far, we will be posting more details asap.


  • Charlie says:


    Hope Japan was fun. A couple of years ago you posted a link to a live weather station on your roof which had detailed real-time weather readings, but then you reorganised the site and the link died.

    Is there a new link?


  • roachz says:

    Thanks for the interesting lecture! Now I am waiting for the panorama of the Ritsumekan conference hall, I might even see my face in there!

    I have learnt so much from your lecture, and I am waiting to see it realized for all to use. Thank you again…

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