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Neil Creek has used our labs (CASA) Image Cutter software to view a stunning panorama online, as the live example below demonstrates (you can close the preview window by clicking on the bottom right hand arrow, navigate using the standard Google Map interface):

The software is aimed at easy viewing of giga pixel images over the web without the need of a plugin. Using the Google Maps interface it ‘cuts’ up the image into thousands of sections and then creates a web template which can be modified for own usage or embedded into a blog etc.

Take a look at Neil’s site for more panoramas and thanks for the comments on the software so far Neil. If you would like to try it yourself,download version 1.1


  • Neil says:

    Eek! I wasn’t expecting to be featured in an entry! 🙂 Thanks for the link guys.

    The panorama above was really only intended to be a test of the cutter and to see how well my large panoramas would be displayed via the google maps interface. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the result.

    Regarding the link to the panoramas on my site – they’re all kinda old now, and I’m currently in the process of moving over to fullscreen QTVR panos rather than using java. I also have many more new panoramas and thus I need to think carefully about how to organise them all. So if you like my work, please bookmark that page and check back in a few weeks-months when I’ll hopefully have a lot of new stuff there.

    Thanks again for the links!

  • Andy says:


    Hope it was ok to become a post..! I liked the colours in the panorama so could’nt resist putting it on the blog.

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