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Morphing software is primarily used to move between a series of peoples faces. All and well and good but it may also work in terms of the city. Below is out first test – morphing the London Tube to the Seoul Subway:

We should have more of these and if deemed worthy a ‘how to’ in the coming weeks..


  • dawid_gorny says:

    What is it for ?

  • Richard says:

    OK, I admit defeat :). I have been playing around with XL sheets and .kml trying to produce (IMHO) a much more interesting effect: morphing tube stations on the map to the real *AtoZ* locations of tube stations in London. It takes more time that I have at the moment.

    Obviously what happens is everything within the circle line shrinks down and stations beyond stretch out. A nice way to visualise problems such as ‘should I get another connection to get closer to my destination or should I just get out here and walk?’

    I was going to morph it via kml in Google Earth but it looks like you have software to do it much quicker and with smoother transitions. Any chance you could have a go at that?

    It would also be neat to be able to ‘centre’ the morph on individual stations so that the station remains the centre of the image for both end states.

    chat to you about it more when I see you on Wednesday.


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