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The second in a series of posts looking at user created cities in the freely available Google SketchUp software.

Created by a user known as RLgun the model is entitled ‘Paradise City’ – ‘A huge city created out of imagination, it has gas stations, fast food joints, an airport, skyscrapers, a mansion, and much much more. It took me at least a week to complete. You have to download it and view it at street level to see how gigantic it is.’

The movie below is captured in real-time via SketchUp with ‘hidden line’ rendering to detail the city model:

Music – IML Perfect Day.

You can download Paradise City direct from the 3D Warehouse.

Start creating your own city by Downloading the free version of Google SketchUp.

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  • RLgun says:

    Thank you, I appreciate your interest in my model. I am RLgun, and was quite shocked to find one of my models included here. Thank you again for the exposure.

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