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Nature have kindly donated some land in Second Life for our research, we are now part of the Second Nature Island in Second Life. Aimed at exploring rapid photomodelling in Second Life as well as a means to communicate the growth and diversity of cities the plot of land will feature over the coming weeks a number of movies, 3D models and research examples.

At the moment all that stands on the plot are the obligatory flags:

During our exploration of building and representing city based data in Second Life we will be running a series of tutorials on the blog so if you haven’t visited Second Life yet but are interested in its possibilities then now is a good time to join (its free).

If you have Second Life installed and would like to pop by to see what we are up to then you can visit our evolving cityscape by clicking on our SLURL… that’s a Second Life Uniform Resource Locator or Second Life URL:

Visit us in Second Life – Nature/233/159/116

Read more about Nature’s Island in Second Life here.

We are based on a ‘sky island’ for the moment while we figure out the size of land required and carry out some experimental building…

If you wish to contact us direct in the world or cant find our plot while its developing then simply add Smithee Bertrand to your contacts list and send us a instant message.

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