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Another update on progress with regards our 3D London Underground map.

The main map is complete providing a top down view of the actual geographic location of the London Underground Network. At the moment we are working on ways to give it a alpha channel and overlay on Google Maps, a Google Earth version is also in the pipeline.

If you give the map a slight tilt and add various 3D buildings of London then the map takes on a more iconic view of London:

The final part of the update was adding in all the underground stations names as 3D text allowing for a higher resolution render:

Embedded below is the iconic view of London rendered at 10000×5000 pixels and displayed via Google Maps using our Google Image Cutter Software:

Double click to zoom in or use the slider bar and drag to pan:

You can also view this full screen (recommended).

If people would be interested as using this as wallpaper then let us know and we’ll render out various resolutions..


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