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We are looking for authors to contribute to a new book on the Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces. The book embraces the concept of Web 2.0 by being based around Flickr and self publishing, in essence it is a nod to the changing world of publishing, you the readers and the ability to print on demand.

Whats it About?

The book is aimed to be a tour around the worlds worst examples of architecture, urban design and urban space as photographed by the readers of this blog. Using photographs and short pieces of text uploaded via Flickr we are proposing 100 + pages with a foreword by ourselves at Digital Urban.

How Can i Take Part?

Simply go out into your local urban environment and photograph anything that you think is an example of poor architecture, urban design or use of space. It could be a photograph of a run down phonebox or a disused building, perhaps a concrete monstrosity from the 1970’s or anything that you think fits.

Once you have your photograph you can simply upload it to our newly created group on Flickr, Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Place including a description of between 100 and 250 words. Its as simple as that.

Can i Vew Progress?

We have created a new blog page ‘Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces‘ where each new submission will be posted, we will put in some light editing before posting so don’t worry about your writing skills per se. This will also allow you to see what text will be included in the book.

When will the Book be Published?

The book will be published when we have enough content so that is down to you, it could be out next week, next month or in the next year. The beauty about Web 2.0 and self publishing is that we can send it to print as soon as the content is there and update it on a regular basis.

How Much Will it Cost?

For a book of 100 pages we are looking at approximately $25 although final details are subject to change, we will probably be using Blurb as our publisher due to their reputation for high quality colour reproduction.

Will you make a Profit From the Book?

The book will be sold at cost and is a collective community effort in the spirit of web 2.0 and the blog in general, as such it will be non-profit.

So welcome to the start of a book completely based on the readers of this blog, we hope it takes off and a book is out of the door in the next few months, a collective book where you are the author.

See the Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Places blog page for the latest posts (note this will take shape over the coming weeks as content is sent in via Flickr)


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